Welcome to the BIA Image Distribution System

Your agency portal will display images that are currently only available through BIA. You have the possibility to download these images and include them in your archive. In accordance with our contract, you may also distribute these images to your partner agencies.

For selecting the image material various filters are available. If necessary, use these filters to restrict the display with special parameters.

All filters can be freely linked with each other. If a filter has the selection “All” or an “empty value”, the filter is not used when this option is selected.

ID limitation

Filter by media ID ranges. This may be helpful if you want to restrict the media display to a specific ID range.

File size limitation (in bytes)

Filters by size in bytes.

Width and height limitation (in px)

Filters for px in width and height.

Image quality

Filters by image quality in %. For larger exports, it may be practical to reduce the quality to 60% or 50% for a first inspection of the image material in order to reduce the amount of data. After viewing and selection you can download your desired images in highest quality.

Removing image metadata

Removes all Exif and IPTC metadata information that may be stored on the image. This setting reduces the size of the media file if necessary.


Filters images from a specific photographer.

Bird species

Filters images according to a specific bird species.


Filters images by country.

Language (of the metadata)

Provided that the image metadata should not be removed, you can specify the language in which the metadata should be available.*

Already downloaded

Filters for already downloaded media IDs.

Already in use

Filters for all media in use.

Media IDs you download will be reserved for you for 30 days from the download date. In case of non-use, this reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Which images you would like to use, we will find out from you via a CSV list containing these numbers, e. g:


(Note: not BIA12345, but only the number of the image 12345)

Media IDs reported by you as “in use” will not be delivered to other partners.

For example, you can create this list in Excel and save it with the option “Save as” and in the file format “Comma-separated values (. csv)”. ┬áPlease upload this list in the top right corner of your portal under “Update used media”. Media IDs for “in use” media IDs can be added to or completely replaced in this way.

Please note that the metadata is only provided for media IDs with the status “in use”. You can download this data via the button in the upper left corner and import it into Excel. If you have not yet saved any media IDs as “In use” in the system, you can download an example file.

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