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Search Box – Suggested Species
When entering one or more letters into the search box, our system will suggest bird species starting with such letters. You can search for English or Scientific species names. If your desired species appears in the list you can simply click on the name and it will appear in the search box. Click the “Start” button to initiate the search and all our matching files will be displayed. If there are no suggestions coming up it means that we do not have that certain species in our archive or that we are using a different name. In such case, please refer to our Species List to check whether if we may use a different name. We comply with the species names of the IOC Bird List.

Search Filters
You can further refine your current search results by using filters.

Active filters are displayed above the thumbnails. They can be deselected individually (hitting the red x) and set differently. By clicking on the button “Reset filters” all filters will be removed.

Search via Species Codes

  • 4-Letter Code for English species names
    1 word: Palila –> PALI
    2 words: European Robin –> EURO
    3 words: African Wattled Lapwing –> AWLA
    4 words: Northern Double-collared Sunbird –> NDCS
    (hyphens are regarded as spaces)
  • 6-letter code for Scientific species names
    Erithacus rubecula –> ERIRUB

Sometimes the code is assigned more than once. That’s why more than one species could be displayed.


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