Yes, we do.

From which genres can I send images?

We do accept images from all areas of nature photography:

– animals,

– plants,

– landscapes,

– macro photos,

– etc.

Since the market is flooded with nature photographs, the aim should be to deliver only images of very high quality with special moments, perspectives and moods.

Can I send shots of habitats?

Images of habitats with special landscaping are certainly also interesting, if the motifs can be implemented satisfactorily. A little meaningful meadow as a butterfly habitat but rather not …

How should the file names be encoded?

As far as possible, the file names have to be encoded like the bird images. If a species name can not be entered (such as landscape photography), the file name should briefly describe the subject. More specific information can be included in the IPTC data. These could be for example:

– special features (special habitats, places, situations, behavior, etc.)

– Endemites

– Protection status

Should the pictures be uploaded thematically?

Yes, sorting by theme / species / landscapes / etc. is recommended as similar motifs with similar data can be processed much faster.


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