The file names should contain the most important informations to the image, e.g. to: country, region, species, name, gender, age, date created…

Please note: Don’t use any spaces or special characters in file name.


  • USA_OH_common_starling_adult.jpg (or USA_Ohio….jpg)
  • CA_BC_common_eider_female.jpg (or Canada_British_Columbia….jpg)
  • CR_Jaco_scarlet_macaw_juvenile.jpg (or Costa_Rica_Jaco….jpg)

If you have identically filenames enter numbers at the end:

  • USA_CA_anna-s_hummingbird_1.jpg
  • USA_CA_anna-s_hummingbird_2.jpg
  • USA_CA_anna-s_hummingbird_3.jpg
  • USA_CA_anna-s_hummingbird_4.jpg

and so on…

Please keep alle metadata in your files. We will read out the “date created” from IPTC data. If this field is empty in your files we will ask you for the date.

The recording date from the IPTC field “Date created”. If no data available in this field, it is recommended to include the date into the file name, for example:

  • USA_CA_anna-s_hummingbird_2015-01-12_1.jpg
  • USA_CA_anna-s_hummingbird_2015-01-12_2.jpg

We recommend to use the species names from our Species List in the file names to avoid any confusion. Please write out the regions or explain it in at least one filename, e.g. USA_AK_Alaska…

We can’t know all abbreviations of all regions of the world.


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