For payment available are amounts for which the Bill status is “Paid” and the Accounting status is “Open”.

Payments will be made by the agency according to the request of the photographer.

You can request a pay out at any time by an E-mail, e.g. with Subject “paying out please”.

After your request you will receive a confirmation by E-mail that the data have been provided.

You will find a credit memo in PDF format in the last column of this table.

Download the PDF to copy the relevant data for your invoice and send it via E-mail to the agency please.

Tip: You can cut out the sales data from the PDF in Photoshop as an image to insert it into your own invoice form. Please leave out “Credit memo #” from your cut.

It’s even easier with Firefox screenshots. Open PDF, start the tool in Firefox, define a section, save it and paste it into your invoice as an image.

Please make sure that your invoice has an invoice date and an invoice number.
Please enter your IBAN (EU) or PayPal address for payments.

Our preferred currency is EURO. It’s not necessary to convert the EURO amounts into the national currency.

The invoice amount will be transferred:

  • via Bank Transfer to Bank Accounts within the EU
  • via PayPal to E-mail-Addresses of photographers domiciled outside of the EU

All transactions fees will be accounted by the photographer.

Formal requirements of an invoice (for your information only)

An invoice must have the following characteristics in order to entitle the issuer to deduct input tax:

  • Name and address of the entrepreneur delivering the goods or rendering the service
  • Name and address of the recipient
  • Quantity and customary designation of the goods or type and scope of the services
  • Day/time period of the delivery or other service
  • Payment for the delivery/other service and applicable tax rate; or, if the entrepreneur is exempt from taxes, reference to the exemption
  • The tax amount apportioned to the payment
  • Issue date (if it is the same as the date of delivery or other service, an “Invoice date is the same as delivery or service date” note suffices)
  • Sequential number
  • VAT ID number of the issuer of the invoice
  • VAT ID number of the recipient of the service (on invoices whose total exceeds EUR 10,000 including sales tax; or if the tax liability is transferred to the recipient – reverse charge)
  • if differential taxation is applied, a reference has to made to that fact (e.g. antiques trade)
  • If the invoice has been made in any currency other than euros, the tax amount must also be stated in euros



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